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    2a apparel is one of the net's largest GUN SHIRT & APPAREL stores | open since 2003!
    We carry gun and firearm related t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, hats, clothing, mugs, phone cases (iphone and ipad), dog items, baby clothes, stickers, buttons, etc.

    Exclusive Shirt Designs

    From the love of firearms and other weapon systems, to political humor and more, we have something to fit every interest. more


    High Quality Clothing Prints

    2A Apparel Co, is powered by CafePress, Our prints are high quality and guaranteed to live up to their high quality standards.

    Over 5000+ Shirts Sold

    Gunapparel.com has been in operation since 2003, and have sold over 5000+ firearm related shirts and items. more

    HK - When S#*t Hits The Fan

    HK heckler and koch shirt

    Heckler & Koch - When SHTF! Fans of the MP5, G3, USP, HK94, HK91, USC, and others will appreciate this shirt!!

    Bill Of Rights- Void / Prohibited

    bill of rights shirt

    If you have ever felt like your rights are slowly being stripped away from you.. well, they are! Void Where Prohibited.

    Kalashnikov- 100s of Militaries

    ak-47 kalashnikov shirt

    Kalashnikov - AK47- Hundreds Of Militaries Can't Be Wrong! AK-47 lovers will appreciate this design!

    AR-15 Zombie Repellent

    ar15 zombie repellent shirt

    AR-15 Zombie Repellent! Are you prepared for the hordes of the undead roaming the earth! No? Well at least you can rock the shirt!

    AR-15 Shirt The League

    ar15 shirt

    Whether it's an AR-15, M16, M4a1, or any other flavor of the beast, support one of the greatest firearms ever made!

    AK-47 Shirt The League

    ak-47 shirt

    Even after six decades the AK 47 remains the most widely used and popular rifle in the world! Show your support!

    1911 Shirt The League

    1911 handgun shirt

    1911- The hotrod of handguns and the best-known of John Browning's designs. Put the double action shooters in their place!

    MP5 Shirt The League

    hk mp5 shirt

    The MP5 (HK94) is currently one of the most widely used submachine guns in the world by military & law enforcement.

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